Buhna 2
Other Name

Spinning Dishes

Parent Martial Art

Yardplay Faction


Park Hyunmi
Madang Bigaki
Chun Guesong

Manhwa Debut

Fight 32

Buhna or Spinning Dish is one of the six core Yardplay traditional arts and was disguised as a circus act involving the spinning of dishes on long rods to perserve its techniques. Buhna serves the role of long range Ki techniques for the Yardplay Faction, allowing practitioners to engage enemies outside of close quarters. The successor of Buhna Faction who majors in the art is known as the Buh-Na Shae.

The art specializes in creating Ki projectiles through the use of traditional hand techniques and Ki control, that can then be thrown at an opponent. The projectiles consist of a spherical black core of Ki surrounded by a rapidly rotating ring of Ki. These spheres, known as Buhna or spinning dishes, are most often thrown at an opponent but have various other uses. Park Hyunmi was capable of creating large Buhna that not only served as projectiles but were also utilised for close range combat. She used Buhna to grind opponents at close range and stacked multiple Buhna atop one another to increase the damage from this technique. Buhna can also be used defensively by spinning the projectile along the forearm like a shield. Buhna can be minored by Life Wish in order to offset Bunha focus on long range techniques.