Feline Claws 5 Claw
Feline Claws
Martial Arts Style

Southern Taek-Gyun


Rud Han

Derived Techniques

Shattering Cross
Sharpened Sword Force

Manhwa Debut

Fight 18

Feline Claws is a minor technique in Southern Taek-Gyun. This technique concentrates ki through the hands and into the fingertips. The ki is compressed and sharply extended from each finger and can be used like a claw. This technique has both close-combat and long-range uses. Up close the user can use slashing motions which with the ki claws make this a really strong attack. As a long-range attack the user can release the ki claws from their hands so they fly at the enemy as ki blades.

The intensity, size and strength of the technique can be proportionally increased by reducing the number of fingers involved in the technique.