Martial Arts Style

Gu Honse Created


Ma Gangryong
Rud Han
Gu Honse

Manhwa Debut

Fight 15

Half-Step is a dodge skill that Gu Honse created and masked it as an art from the Do-Hyup family's traditional art. Created to counter Reunionists.

By freely moving within a half-step range one can be free from all possible attacks. You use the leg from the origin of the attack as an anchor and with precise timing you do one slide half-step in the opposite direction of the attack. Since the movement is smaller than the opponents movement, no matter how fast the opponent is, the dodge becomes easy.

With this technique timing is of the essence so it is an effective skill for one who fights with gut instinct.

It has an effectiveness of 70% average, but against Reunion styles it's average rate increases to 95% overall.