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Northern Broad Strike


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Fight 39

A male student with short blond hair. He helped Guesong defeat Honse and later confirmed that Honse's ki channels were irreparably damaged. Hayato was apparently the person who stopped Guesong, which indicates that he is a powerful and strong martial artist in order to defeat someone of Guesong's caliber. Though we later find out that Hayato never really stopped Guesong so his level is still unknown but should be in the general ball park of Guesong and Madoka. The art he uses is Reunion's restored form of Northern Broad Strike, which is said to be one of the two strongest arts in Reunion and said to rival Heaven's Riches. His past as it was revealed, is that the Northern Broad Strike that he had learned from Reunion had been incomplete as the art was said to have died out long ago. The scientists that had worked on reviving the art had even given up, Hayato, however still proceeded in trying to revive Northern Broad Strike. He is later seen after Yoochun had defeated him along with the entire student council including Vera, he had unfortunately discovered that Yoochun had learned the "true" Northern Broad Strike and lashed out at Yoochun in rage, only to be defeated once again.

Hayato became a traditionalist after Yoochun revealed the location of the successor to Northern Board Strike; since then he practices the original art, and helped Gu Honse in simulating the destruction of his Ki channel. In volume 8 he is seen fighting Gangryong, where he wins the fight after a great display of power, blocking Gangryong's attacks with relative ease up until Gangryong had used Hayato's Ki Reversal to amplify his own ki to increase the power of Lighting Flash. This forced Hayato to take the fight seriously and tried to dodge and reverse Gangryong's Light Flash however had trouble in doing so forced him to use his full power and thus ended their fight. It is revealed that he is possibly the 2nd or 3rd strongest in the school right now, this pleased Gangryong and said that Hayato should wait for him. This indicates that Gangryong is going to challenge him again later on as he gets stronger. In volume 9 he, along side Madoka, Rud, Shin, Yuhwa and Gangryong fights against Fire Dragon. There has been some speculation that Northern Broad Strike can stop Heavens Riches and reverse the attack with double the strength.


  • Northern Broad Strike - A "formless" fighting style, and an external martial art, said to rival the internal martial art Heaven's Riches.
  • Ki Reversal (Ki Rotation shield) - A technique that uses the equal and opposite force of an opponents ki then amplifies the rebounding effect of the opponents attack, to send the attack back before it enters the users body.