Kiis the inner energy of the body. It is used by martial artists in their techniques. By training over the years they can increase the amount of ki.

Artificial KiEdit

Through Reunion's research into the power of human nature they developed the technique to artificially create ki. This allows people to become more powerful quickly by absorbing this artificial ki. (Chapter 2) Based on the person and the martial arts they use the artificial ki needs to be customized for their body. (Chapter 6)

Measuring KiEdit

Reunion has gained the ability to measure and quantify ki. A sexagenary of ki is the equivalent of training inner energy for 60 years. Because of artifical ki the need to train to get a sexagenary of ki has become obsolete. Chapter 5

Purity of KiEdit

The ki in the body can normally be considered unrefined. Through breathing and management techniques it can refine and purify the ki. The difference in the purity of ki effects the amount of ki used for a technique. The purer it is the less power is needed. The more ki you have the harder it is to purify. Chapter 5

Yin and YangEdit

Among the most broad definition of ki it can be divided into two type, yin and yang. Yang ki contains a more positive charge. (chapter 7)