Life Wish
Life Wish
Other Name


Martial Arts Style

Life Wish


Madang Bigaki
Chun Guesong

Manhwa Debut

Fight 34

Life Wish is the ultimate technique of the Life Wish traditional art. To begin the technique the opponents head is first forced to the ground and Head of Lightning is then performed grinding them against the ground for a short distance. The opponent is then thrown into the air, Fish Turnover may be used to achieve this although it is not the correct technique. It is not strictly neccesary to perform the Head of Lightning step if the opponent is unable to stop themselves from being thrown into the air. Once the opponent is vulnerable in mid-air they are pummeled with multiple high velocity kicks and punches at such speed that after-images may appear as observed when the technique is performed by Madang Bigaki. The force of Life Wish is such that it can embed a victim into a concrete ceiling. Chun Guesong applied Mirage to this skill to create the Topper's Life Wish.