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Fight 26

A 19 year-old member of Student Council who also worked as Reunion's tracker for Lightning Tiger. She seems to be the middle ground amongst the two sides of the council, as she works for Vera and yet maintains a friendly relationship with Rud's group. She is the one who scouted Gangryong during her hunt for Lightning Tiger. She claims to be part of the council for their special privileges and is ranked amongst its Top 5. Her desire is for things to go back to the way they were before the division of the factions, for the students to stay united, which requires Vera. Madoka has a grudge against Guesong, whom she badly injured and almost killed because of his past attempted assault on Vera. This had him sent to a year of isolation training. She admitted she likes Gangryong, shocking even him. She fought Guesong once again to prevent the Traditionalist faction from gaining 6 of the 11 seats and had the upper hand until Guesong used '[Mirage]' ending with her losing the match and nearly getting killed until Vera interfered. In a drunken depression she went to Gangryong's room to drink with him, but when he announced he was aiming for a seat she attempted to throw him and he in-turn electrocuted her. She later leaves his room resolving to end the battle. She was later killed by Vera.


Originally a traditionalist, her current martial arts style is a form of Judo created by Reunion called Flowing Spirit, which incorporates the element of wind. She also has the skills of Life-Stealer of Snatching-Hands and has once successfully countered Half-Step.

Both Gangryong and Guesong noted she wasn't brutal enough when fighting, and as a result lost both times.

  • Earth Fold (Chuk Ji) - Instant dash skill similar to Head of Lightning.