Otherwise known as Url-Leun or Shadowers Magics, Mirage's techniques became lost over time and the art was discontinued by the Yardplay Faction .Mirage was partially reconstructed by Chun Guesong in 1999, approximately 400 years after it last saw use in combat during Hideyoshi's Invasions. Mirage is a passive art that can be applied to any of the other Yardplay arts and upgrade them to "another dimension" through the fusion of reality and illusion.

Mirage allows the practitioner to manipulate the Ki within their body directly and in doing so can provide movement at high speed without any external stimulus. As explained by Shin Jeeha the Ki of the user acts like juice in a partially drunk beverage can, if the juice within the beverage can is moved internally the whole can will move without any force acting on it externally. Similarily if the Ki within the body is moved at the practitioners will, the body can also move without any force acting on it externally.

Applications of this technique include movement without any footwork, allowing the user to move in mid-air and rapidly escape close range attacks, and a skill known as Bunshin. So far the only applications of Mirage to other Yardplay arts has been the upgraded Life Wish performed by Chun Guesong known as The Toppers' Life Wish and an enhanced Head of Lightning that allowed Park Hyunmi to close within attack range of Vera Linus, despite the large difference in their respective abilities.





Bunshin is a single-instant multiple-body skill that allows practitioners to create 'clones' of themselves that can move independently but have no physical substance and dissipate when struck. Their primary use seems to be misdirection, the clones are identical to the user of the technique and it is difficult to distinguish real attacks from fake ones. Chun Guesong used multiple Bunshin clones to disorient and mislead both Makihara Madoka and Vera Linus in his matches with them. Bunshin can be combined with The Life Wish to create the Toppers' Life Wish.

The Toppers' Life WishEdit

Topper's Life Wish 2
The Topper's Life Wish is the result of Mirage's application to The Life Wish. This skill combines illusion and reality, upgrading The Life Wish with multiple Bunshin clones and allowing it to be utilised to greater effect. With multiple Bunshin clones participating in the Life Wish the victim does not know which attacks are real and which are fake and cannot properly defend themselves from the technique. Chun Guesong used this skill against Makihara Madoka noting in the process that the standard Life Wish would be ineffective against an opponent of her level.