Reunion is a group of many powerful international corporations that have gathered together because of their similar beliefs and goals. In this group there are many factions, each presiding over a different important subject matter.


Human Resource FactionEdit

The Human's Natural Characters faction studies humans and their abilities. Whereas Chinese and Japanese martial arts have become accessible for learning by the general public, Korean martial arts are only taught to a single successor each generation that has all the necessary traits. So Reunion uses their power to find these Korean martial arts to protect and study them. In the course of doing this it has created enemies in the form of the traditional successors of their art. Chapter2

By studying all these martial arts Reunion has developed many of their own techniques that are accessible to those within the company.


Reunion has created ten schools where all the future candidates of the company attend. In the eyes of the world it is known as The School of Reunion Sanha Co and is divided into private elementary, middle, and high schools. Because of this a number of normal citizens attend the school alongside the martial artists. While learning here all students are given a professional education, no matter their purpose for being there. Those that are there to join reunion are given residence and come from all over the world. To join the company you must pass a test at the school and anywhere from four to ten years. Since the school is very grueling they may give an admittance test where one must different one of their test dummies.