Reunion Martial Arts
Parent Martial Art

Various Korean Martial Arts


Li Guhoo
Eunhwa Lee
Reunion School Students

Manhwa Debut

Fight 3

Reunion Martial Arts are the techniques and styles that Reunion has developed by studying the many traditional Korean martial arts they have acquired. These are accessible to those within the company.


  • Iron Spirit is a skill created by Reunion, it is used to strength the skin of the user by hardening their Ki, but it takes great deal of Ki in order to maintain the skill. Since Guhoo's level is 11th star ranking, His skin is very durable to an incredible extent as he was still standing after taking Vera's void fist several times(before finally reaching its limit), plus Rud's Feline Claws style were hardly able to put a scratch on him until Rud used his Shattering Cross, which was able to disperse the density of the skin on his face, which created his weak point.
  • Heavy Inner Palm is a technique where the user is able to inflict internal damage through the palm. By attacking the brain the user is able to disrupt the targets balance. This technique can be blocked by using enough ki.
  • Shadow Bind is a technique that through a palm strike that target is left unable to move. This allows for a chance to finish them off.
  • Palm of the Stirring Sky is a palm technique that generates spinning wind around the users arm. When the palm thrust hits the target the force it was gathering is released. If the target is weak enough the spinning forces can contort the target. When attacking the spinning wind can cause lacerations on the surrounding area.
  • Palm of Three Folds is a palm technique that generates spinning wind around the users arm similar to Palm of the Stirring Sky, but these currents are much stronger. It also creates spinning wind in the users palm like tornado. Together, all of this releases a tremendous force on the target when the palm thrust connects.
  • Splitting Empty Palm - Wind Palm is a palm technique that by spinning and compressing the wind is able to generate spheres of wind. These spheres can hit with extreme concussive force. This is considered an inefficient technique by reunion and has thus become extinct at the school.
  • Lion's Roar - is a technique where the user releases a strong sound wave by concentrating ki within their diaphragm. This is strong enough to completely disrupt an unprepared enemy. It is able to damage their inner ear drums which causes them to lose their sense of balance, presenting an easy target.
  • Grudged Spirit Palm is a rudimentary palm technique that is taught by Reunion, however it is rarely used at the present. It involves a palm thrust with a spinning arm motion.