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Rud's friend, who is also a traditional successor and the Third Dragon of the Nine Dragons. He likes to antagonize Shinra by expressing his undying affection for her, and referencing a relationship they used to have. His martial arts style has not yet been shown. It has been stated that if Rud didn't help him in the past, Shinra would have stolen his art. Understanding bodily principles is his specialty. He is shown in volume 9 to have an enormous speed that allows him to run on the walls, and several powerful spinning kicks attacks. It was stated in a flashback in chapter 38, Jeeha had apparently been badly injured due to all three of his matches had each been fought with a member from the student council (the ones that had lost in the tournament at that time in the flashback were Shinra, Paul, Madoka, Guesong, Yuhwa, and Hayato), however he had won all three matches so it is safe to assume that Shin is very powerful to accomplish such a feat. In fact in what commented that Shin had destroyed the order of how the council had planned for to win in the tournament further indicating his prowess to be very high.

In volume 9 when Jeeha becomes irritated what seems to be spirits are seen behind him, another comment which gives an idea of Jeeha's art is that Honse mentions that he has learned Heaven's Riches core principle. In chapter 66 it is revealed that Shin learned Five Heavenly Paths art techniques from Fire Dragon along with Shinra and two unnamed others, however none of them were able to progress to mastering the art.

Techniques Edit

  • Hundred Gathering - also call spirit contract/spirit decent, one of the exorcimm factonn techniques. a powerful move withs seems to call on spirits to increases one's strenght. the strongest are Heavens King Dance and Asura's Heaven Shatter Dance. one of the weaker is Scattered Flower Dance, but although it is one of the weaker spirits it is stated the it is strong to fight against director Fire Dragon.