Southern Taek-Gyun
Other Name

Southern Taekkyeon


Anachelli Yu
Anachelli Yu's Grandfather
Rud Han

Manhwa Debut

Fight 18

Southern Taek-Gyun was the fighting style of the Anachelli family. The style was said to be one of the two strongest physical martial arts. This style, in the hands of Anachelli Yu it was powerful enough to help her tie in a fight with Vera. The style might be considered dead as Yu and her grandfather were the only known practitioners. Evidence supporting this is when Rud is not accepted as a traditionalist by the elders.


  • Natural Wave: A defensive technique that allows one to read the flow of attack and to disperse any energy one can not hhandle. The drawback to the technique is that it shortens one's lifespan.
  • Feline Claws: Is a minor technique in Southern Taek-Gyun. This technique concentrates ki through the hands and into the fingertips. The ki coalesces onto each finger and can be used like a claw. This technique has both close-combat and long-range uses.