Spatial Void Fist 2
Spatial Void Fist
Martial Arts Style

Heaven's Riches Divine Fist


Vera Linus

Manhwa Debut

Fight 21

Spatial Void Fist is a technique where the user by using the void element is able to remotely attack a target. This is attack is done by first focusing on the point between a void and a void. According to the type of ki, feel the energy of the point. Then, move the surrounding ki, not you own, to cause an impact on the point. Then the voids will stir and cause an impact on the point.

It can be used to create an impact on the surface as if they punched the target or they can cause damage internally.

This attack is considered unblockable. While incomplete this technique can only hit stationary targets. Once complete the user can use this on whatever they choose.